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Gib Kerr is a classic late bloomer. He wrote his first novel, States of Rebellion, at the age of 58. His writing, which captures the voice of Flyover Country patriotism, reflects a lifetime of diverse experiences – from negotiating commercial real estate deals in big cities throughout the United States to working cattle and hunting on farms and ranches from Missouri to Texas.

Although he obtained an MBA from The University of Virginia and achieved success in business, his first love has always been history, which he studied as an undergraduate at Washington & Lee University and has continued reading enthusiastically ever since. His particular interest in the American Revolution and the Civil War – and the emerging parallels between those events and the current realities of our time – inspired him to begin writing as a creative outlet.

The art of storytelling calls for an astute sense of observation, which Gib honed through years of living in the trenches of the real world. Raising four kids as a single dad, starting a business and struggling to survive economic downturns, working on electoral campaigns and navigating political minefields at the local, state and federal levels, assuming leadership roles in his community and in Corporate America, and confronting the creep of wokeness in academia and the culture at large – Gib brings a unique, well-rounded perspective as an author.