AOC and the Looming Constitutional Crisis

Summary:  America could soon face a constitutional crisis when and if Democrat Socialists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez come to power in Washington.  The left’s intentional disregard for the Constitution would inevitably lead to a clash with Red State governors, law enforcement, and–most frightening of all–the military. Is America facing a constitutional crisis in the near future? […]

Academic Bias Is Out of Control In American Universities

Summary:  Academic bias has never been worse in America. Higher education has been completely hijacked by leftists who have destroyed our top universities.  But if alumni and parents rise up—and if the boards of directors/trustees have the courage to do their job—it is not too late to restore sanity on campus and provide quality education […]

Political Fiction Through History

Summary:  Political fiction is not only an age-old art form, but it is also a highly effective way to influence culture and popular opinion.  Throughout history—but particularly over the last two centuries—political fiction has had a major impact on how people view critical issues from slavery to communism.   Fiction vs. Non-Fiction Truth is often […]