Toxic Cancel Culture is Destroying America

Un-Cancel Robert E. Lee

Summary: Cancel culture is destroying American culture and tearing our country apart.  Cancel culture is all about tearing things down. It is inherently destructive. It builds nothing. It creates nothing. It only destroys. Like the Vandals who destroyed Rome, cancel culture is destroying American culture. Systematically, it seeks to target and eliminate America’s heroes. It […]

Should Robert E. Lee Be Erased?

Founders' Day video from The Generals Redoubt

Summary: Robert E. Lee saved Washington College (now Washington & Lee) in the aftermath of the Civil War, yet the University discontinued the practice of honoring him on Founders’ Day. Lee–along with George Washington–deserves to be remembered and properly honored at the place he saved and transformed. W&L needs to restore Founders’ Day. The woke […]